Sunday, June 24, 2018

Luigi Al Teatro

Are you looking for a treasure in a hidden path, a true gem? Luigi Al Teatro is a modern, authentic Italian restaurant with a menu serving contemporary seafood dishes and it is located in Santa Monica, CA  where you can enjoy a romantic meal after spending a day on Third Street Promenade or at the Santa Monica Pier.

Luigi Al Teatro sits in a 100 year old historical landmark that was once an Edison Electrical Plant in the 50's to a place of woship in the 60's, and then a theater production in the 80's and 90's.

Chef Luigi Fineo started his love for cooking at a young age from accompanying his mother to local markets while growing up in Pugli, a southern region of Italy. His passion grew and his dreams were realized when he traveled to the U.S. to continue his culinary journey where he worked with many great master chefs. He is very humble and gives extreme attention to detail in his cooking.

Chocolate Martini

Tuna Cannolo

Baked Split Pea Soup topped with Scallops

Linguini topped with Sea Urchin

Lasagna with Seafood Medley

Lemon Tart

Pastiera Napoletana

The restaurant decor and ambiance is beautiful and breathtaking. The wait staff is friendly, warm and knowledgeable with the menu and wine list. The menu has many seafood-forward dishes, that have beautiful presentation and incredible taste, and the pasta is made fresh from scratch daily.

The restaurant also has an outdoor space with a retractable roof which also gives a cozy, comfortable romantic feel. In the patio area also has a fresh herb garden that the restaurant uses for many of its menu items.

For more information, please visit their website at Luigi Al Teatro.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Looking for an authentic Thai restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley? Visit Thaitwist in the Rowland Heights/City of Industry area. This restaurant is fairly new to the area and people are still getting to know about it. Thaitwist is  a quaint little restaurant with friendly and attentive staff. The manager was very sweet helping me pick out the dishes. Many dishes on the menu are very tasty.

Don't let the emptiness of the restaurant from the photos discourage you from visiting. I got here very early, few minutes after they opened at 11am for the day. Parking can be a struggle depending on time of day and day of the week as there are many other businesses sharing the same parking area.

Thai Iced Coffee

Rotti With Yellow Curry Sauce. 
Rotti is an Indian pancake and this is very popular dish with customers.

Crab Meat Fried Rice with real crab meat. Another very popular dish with customers

Thai Twist Salad, a signature dish.
Steak, mango, noodles, cilantro, peanuts tossed with mixed greens and spicy lime dressing

Khoa Soi, another signature dish
Northern style curried noodle soup with chicken, shrimp and egg noodle

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Zama Tea and Kombucha

Zama Tea and Kombucha is a very quaint and very cute tea boutique with a tea bar plus retail store located in Old Town Tustin, CA. Tea products include specialty loose tea leafs (over 100 flavors to choose from), herbs, raw Kombucha and tea accessories which also includes tea pots and tea cups. Kombucha is fermented tea and tea on tap is lightly effervescent (giving off bubbles; carbonated/fizzy). Loose tea leavs have ools from antioxidants that will absorb into the water and they are better for health benefits. While Zama Tea does carry tea bags in store, there is a limited flavors in stock. You can enjoy tea on tap or a hot brewed tea from the tea bar with a sandwich, salad and hummus, a lively probiotic vegan yogurt or a vegan soup.

Before Zama Kombucha and Tea came, this was the site of the first doctor's office. Then it became a "go to spot" for teens clothing where many lovingly knew it as "Jabberwocky".

Monday, December 05, 2016

The Brass Lamp Bar

I recently went to Romeo Chocolates kickstarter (kickstarter link) event party. At the event, I won a raffle drawing for a gift basket that included a gift certificate to The Brass Lamp located in the heart of Downtown Long Beach, CA.

The Brass Lamp Bar is a book bar and lounge. It also started off as a kickstarter project one year ago. This is a great location for study groups, book clubs, meetings, or to hang out with friends. There are also plenty of different events happening here which includes live music, open mic, and Wine & Cheese Tastings. Just make sure you check their calendar for event schedule.

Hazelnut Latte with Hazelnut and Caramel

The Brassmelt

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Romeo Chocolates

Are you a chocolate lover? Are you someone who loves to support small businesses? Romeo Chocolates has a fundraiser kickstarter project to open up a brand new chocolate boutique store in Long Beach, CA to which will have a Grand Opening near the end of January 2016 or beginning of February 2017 located at 460 Pine Avenue. In the meantime, Romeo has several pop-up events for those who wish to sample various chocolate creations made by Romeo! You can also order online through the website or from local retail partners.

Romeo is his real name. He discovered his passion as a Chocolatier when he enrolled in some workshops making chocolate. He then travelled to Belgium to learn from Master Chocolatiers and the about the profession. Through his learning experience and journey, he wanted to become a Chocolatier.

With the help of his friends and family, he will be opening a chocolate boutique store, but he needs your support! Please contribute on his kickstarter project. No amount is too big or too small, but you get "rewarded" by donating a certain dollar amount. Please visit the kickstarter project to see more info.

I also won a raffle drawing which included a basket with wine, assortment of Romeo Chocolates and a gift certificate to The Brass Lamp.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Poke Shack

The Poke Shack was started in Venice Beach, CA by two brothers in 2014. One of the brothers was interested in real estate and architecture, thus starting a new location in Los Angeles, CA.

Poke bowls come in two sizes: "Lil Daddy" (small) or "Big Daddy" (large). They are build your own bowls in a similar fashion as Subway. Protein: Ahi Tuna or Salmon. Base: brown rice, white rice, seaweed salad (extra charge) or organic kale (extra charge). Various toppings and your choice of sauce. However, the protein is raw yet fresh.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mini Food Truck Festival - July 2012

Every Friday, Grub 'N' Go is held at the Chase Suite Hotel in Brea, CA and features different food trucks every week. This is like a mini-food truck festival in front of a hotel!

I recently went to Grub 'N' Go, earlier this month. The food trucks, who were there on the day that I went, were "The Lime Truck" (featured on "The Great Food Truck Race: Season 2"), "White Rabbit", "The California Grill Truck" (not to be mistaken with "The Grilled Cheese Truck"), and "The Lobsta Truck". I was able to try something from every truck, except for The Lobsta Truck, mainly because I didn't have enough room for more food. I left with a happy stomach.

The guys from The Lime Truck were nicer in person than they appeared on The Great Food Truck Race.

I tried the "Duck Confit" from the Lime Truck. I wanted to try something that sounded/seemed exotic and interesting. It was good and I would order this again.
I also ordered the passion fruit aloe limeade from The Lime Truck. It was very sour citrus-y...maybe too sour citrus-y for my taste.

I tried a 3-taco combo from White Rabbit. I chose the beefsteak (left), pork tocino (middle), and chicken adobe (right). The pork tocino (pronounced "toe-see-no") was the best of the three that I tried. The tacos also came with a side dish and a drink. I chose the garlic rice for the side, which was ok.

I got a grilled cheese sandwhich from The California Grill Truck. You have a choice of cheese, meat, vegatable, and sauce. I chose the bulkogi (marinated ribsteak), basil, and mozarella cheese with garlic mayo. I've tried different variations of grilled cheese sandwhiches and this was pretty good...better than most that I've tried before.