Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mini Food Truck Festival - July 2012

Every Friday, Grub 'N' Go is held at the Chase Suite Hotel in Brea, CA and features different food trucks every week. This is like a mini-food truck festival in front of a hotel!

I recently went to Grub 'N' Go, earlier this month. The food trucks, who were there on the day that I went, were "The Lime Truck" (featured on "The Great Food Truck Race: Season 2"), "White Rabbit", "The California Grill Truck" (not to be mistaken with "The Grilled Cheese Truck"), and "The Lobsta Truck". I was able to try something from every truck, except for The Lobsta Truck, mainly because I didn't have enough room for more food. I left with a happy stomach.

The guys from The Lime Truck were nicer in person than they appeared on The Great Food Truck Race.

I tried the "Duck Confit" from the Lime Truck. I wanted to try something that sounded/seemed exotic and interesting. It was good and I would order this again.
I also ordered the passion fruit aloe limeade from The Lime Truck. It was very sour citrus-y...maybe too sour citrus-y for my taste.

I tried a 3-taco combo from White Rabbit. I chose the beefsteak (left), pork tocino (middle), and chicken adobe (right). The pork tocino (pronounced "toe-see-no") was the best of the three that I tried. The tacos also came with a side dish and a drink. I chose the garlic rice for the side, which was ok.

I got a grilled cheese sandwhich from The California Grill Truck. You have a choice of cheese, meat, vegatable, and sauce. I chose the bulkogi (marinated ribsteak), basil, and mozarella cheese with garlic mayo. I've tried different variations of grilled cheese sandwhiches and this was pretty good...better than most that I've tried before.