Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Zama Tea and Kombucha

Zama Tea and Kombucha is a very quaint and very cute tea boutique with a tea bar plus retail store located in Old Town Tustin, CA. Tea products include specialty loose tea leafs (over 100 flavors to choose from), herbs, raw Kombucha and tea accessories which also includes tea pots and tea cups. Kombucha is fermented tea and tea on tap is lightly effervescent (giving off bubbles; carbonated/fizzy). Loose tea leavs have ools from antioxidants that will absorb into the water and they are better for health benefits. While Zama Tea does carry tea bags in store, there is a limited flavors in stock. You can enjoy tea on tap or a hot brewed tea from the tea bar with a sandwich, salad and hummus, a lively probiotic vegan yogurt or a vegan soup.

Before Zama Kombucha and Tea came, this was the site of the first doctor's office. Then it became a "go to spot" for teens clothing where many lovingly knew it as "Jabberwocky".

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